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Hi my name is Stephanie.
I am in my early thirties and engaged to the love of my life I am a mother of one eleven year old boy, who keep me on my toes.
As a registered Early Childhood Educator, I care for 16 children every day, and I also have a very large and constantly growing family with 12 nieces and nephews!  Needless to say, children are a big part of my life. 
I also am a very proud owner of two sweet dogs, one cat and an attitude filled little bird. It is a full house for sure but I love it that way. 
I love to cook and am constantly experimenting in the kitchen, sometimes it works and sometimes we have pizza.  Either way I love to share my experiences, which is how this blog came to be.

I would love to get to know all of my readers
so feel free to email at

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